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Flying Trapeze

Have you ever seen those circus performers and their high-flying aerial maneuvers and wanted to experience it yourself? Well, Lake Greeley Camp offers you the chance to come and learn circus skills with our flying trapeze. The Trapeze Program features qualified professional specialists who are experienced in teaching children the skills and points necessary for the flying trapeze. Nets, safety lines and harnesses and spotters ensure that the Trapeze activity is as safe as possible for each camper participating no matter the age or experience. All the skills to become a successful circus performer is here in the Trapeze Program.

The confidence and self-esteem this activity builds is simply incredible, not to mention the pure excitement it generates with each swing. This thrilling and unique activity takes place right on the camp grounds and is open to all campers from juniors to seniors. What's more, the program is included in the camp's activity program free of charge and is offered on a daily basis.

In this video is our long time Trapeze Director Bernadette Pace talking about her experiences with the Flying Trapeze in her life and how she got to where she is today.

Silk and Single

In addition to the flying trapeze, the circus staff have also expanded the program in recent years to include Silk and Single, an exciting test of agility and grace. Located in our gymnasium, the silk and single activity uses large silk cloths hanging from the ceiling which campers and staff use to perform tricks and spins. Silk and Single focuses on acrobatic techniques and physical fitness to properly use the silks and execute the maneuvers. Carefully supervised by the circus staff and with gymnasium cushioned mats below, campers are able to develop great physical fitness and discipline in a truly unique activity.

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