Archery has always been a staple of the summer camp experience, and that experience can be found at Lake Greeley Camp as well. Our archery range features several targets that campers will be able to shoot at from varying distances to cater to all skill levels. Campers are supervised by several counselor staff members who are experienced with the Archery activity. The counselors will take the time to make sure that arm guards are worn, all campers are in a safe area when firing begins, and will supervise collecting arrows after a firing round. In addition, we will have a Target Sports Senior Staff member who will supervise and manage the activity.Intercamp games with the surrounding camps are also scheduled where campers are put to test against other competitors.


Also in our Target Sports activities is Riflery. Riflery has become a very popular and well attended activity thanks to our staff in prior years who have taken the act of shooting and make it a skill to improve for our campers. Riflery is located right next to our Archery range in the camp ground, so campers can experience both activities without a far walk.

Campers will be using .22 Rifles, but we also have BB guns for younger campers as well. Campers will learn how to safely operate the rifle learning about parts and ammunition. In addition, campers will use the period to practice shooting and develop the necessary skills for the perfect shot. Using targets that meet NRA Marksmanship standards, we are able to score and gauge how well campers are doing and how they can improve. Campers can continue shooting to meet their goal of becoming an Expert Marksman!


Paintball is an extra fee activity that is administered by a Senior Staff member and counselors in the afternoon on certain days at camp. Paintball is open to campers who are entering the 5th grade and older. The courses for paintball are primarily on our full size soccer field as it provides the most open environment to conduct games, but at times, we will try to use a wooded course. Additionally, we will try to offer some night paintball, but like the wooded course, they happen only so often.

Those campers who want to participate in Paintball at Lake Greeley Camp are in for a good time. Franctic, high-paced action and a wealth of experiences characterize the excitement of playing Paintball. At Lake Greeley Camp, campers can expect the following when playing Paintball:
  • A safety briefing that encompasses the afternoon of play. It will include how to operate the paintball gun and rules for each game we play.
  • 4 or 5 games or more. Games include Team Elimination, Capture the Flag, Attack/Defend scenarios, and others are possible.
  • Reloading paintballs occurs in between some games to total the 400 paintballs campers get over the course of the afternoon.

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