At Lake Greeley Camp, we have our own stables right on the camp grounds. The program is run by a qualified Director and highly trained staff. The activity is open to all campers of all skill levels. Horseback riding is offered everyday in our daily program, and the periods during the day are designated for each specific skill level such as beginner, intermediate and expert. Our program follows the C.H.A. (Camp Horsemanship Association) guidelines and features two riding rings. The program includes instruction in trotting and cantering in both English and Western style riding. One of the great features about our equestrian program is how accessible it is to both advanced and new riders.

Stable Management

At Lake Greeley Camp we feel it is important to provide our campers with well rounded knowledge in horse care involving not only horse riding but also stable management. This program includes the introduction to daily care, grooming, feeding and stable maintenance. The program allows our campers to work closely with the horseback staff outside of the riding rings and gives our campers a chance to learn the responsibilities involving horse care.

Additional Features

Also offered at the equestrian program are a number of additional activities that are incorporated into the daily schedule during some of the periods. For more experienced riders, there is a selection of jumping exercises and trail rides that can be followed around the camp grounds, as well as the always popular overnight, which is the perfect chance to end a beautiful evening trail ride with a camp fire, snacks and the night sky.

SUMMER: 222 Greeley Lake Rd, Greeley, PA 18425 p. 570.685.7196
WINTER: P.O. Box 219, Moscow, PA 18444 p. 570.842.3739

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