"The Greeley Bubble" was the name of the newspaper which was published by campers and staff at Lake Greeley Camp for many years as a part of the newspaper activity. While we may not have had The Greeley Bubble at camp, we have decided to bring back the spirit of the Bubble in the form of a blog for Lake Greeley Camp.

• So, what's this all about?

So, what can you expect from The Greeley Bubble here on the website? Most of our writings will include things regarding camping, as you would expect. You'll find lists of things that relate to getting ready for camp, things that can benefit from being at camp, questions that people ask regarding camp, and the like. The topics can all be found on the left side of the window in the menu. They are also marked with whom will find the most benefit from that particular writing.

We will also have postings that will benefit campers, parents, and staff as well. Subjects such as school and performing at your best, what websites or shopping items to look out for in the time leading up to opening day, or ideas and articles that will help you bring the most spirit to welcome campers to Greeley or anywhere else will be included here, too. Really, The Greeley Bubble is a place where we want to exchange thoughts which will, hopefully, open minds, get creative juices flowing, or maybe bring attention to what can be done differently.

• How often is it updated? And can I get involved?

The Greeley Bubble will be updated regularly with topics of varying subjects as mentioned above. Use the navigation at the left to browse among the topics that will be posted. If you have topics that you would like to see written about or attention brought to, send us an email to either info@lakegreeley.com or mattb@lakegreeley.com. Your topic can get in on the ground floor. We hope that you will enjoy.

SUMMER: 222 Greeley Lake Rd, Greeley, PA 18425 p. 570.685.7196
WINTER: P.O. Box 219, Moscow, PA 18444 p. 570.842.3739

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